Grooming Space

To clear up any misunderstanding about available grooming at the NRKC shows:

The free grooming will be in the same places that it has been in the past. Around the small arena and under the bleachers on one side in the main arena area will be designated as free grooming. These areas usually fill up fast. Southern Handlers Charity League will be assisting with the grooming areas. If you can’t find a place, find one of them and they will assist as possible.

As always we have stalls available for reserved grooming at $50 for the weekend.

If you can not be there early you may want to reserve a stall so it will be there when you can arrive. 

We usually have stalls available for purchase at the show if you find you need one after the closing date.

There are 230 10x10ft Grooming stalls available on a reservation basis only. Each stall has its own electricity. Assignments will be made on a First-come, First served basis. You don’t have to come in the day before to make sure you have a space. Cost for the weekend is $50.00 per stall.